World Cheese Awards for Kourellas Dairy

The highest distinction went to our Anevato PDO cheese at the most recent World Cheese Award 2017 contest in London. Over 3,000 cheeses from all over the world participated in this year’s event, and the SUPER GOLD award establishes our Anevato cheese.

Anevato is a traditional spreadable cheese, produced only in Grevena, Greece and the Kourellas Dairy established it as a PDO product since 1996.

And Kourellas won the SILVER award for their Organic Sheep Feta cheese made from 100% sheep’s milk! Kourellas Anevato P.D.O. cheese. Anevato is produced exclusively in Grevena, a Greek mountain region renowed for its quality dairy. We produce our farmer’s cheese in small batches, like generations of shepherds before us. Toss into salads, fill sweet and savory pastries, or spread on toast. Nothing tastes quite like it. Organic Sheep’s milk Feta P.D.O. cheese

At the Kourellas family dairy, our pure sheep’s milk feta is made with nothing but nature’s finest ingredients. Reared in the remote mountains of Grevena, our sheep graze on a variety of wild grass and aromatic herbs. That’s what gives this creamy feta it’s smooth texture and distinctive tang.

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