Additional Services

The Bucktide Difference: Additional Service and Support

Marketing Support We work closely with an online marketing consultant to develop online and social media/marketing strategies that fit our clients needs depending on what stage of the growth cycle they are in. This includes both online branding and identity, including web presence and ongoing social media marketing.

Consulting– We provide specialized consulting to our clients, particularly as it relates to managing growth; scaling their operations to meet increased demand; general production, sales, and marketing strategy; organizational strategy; logistics and freight planning; entering/navigating the private label industry, etc.  

Financing With long-term clients, we can provide short term debt financing to fund working capital needs as well as longer-term debt financing tied to asset acquisition costs.  We also have relationships with equity investors that are focused on the specialty, organic, and emerging food markets.

Product Development We can provide generalized guidance on formulations, ingredients and ingredient sourcing, certifications, etc.  

We Have Established Relationships For You

We can leverage our relationships and get your products in stores where they belong.

Bucktide has deep relationships and a strong presence in most East Coast retailers and Foodservice operators as well as national Retailers and Foodservice operators that are focused on specialty and/or organic products.

We can also coordinate & execute food demo services on your behalf in the Southern New England/Northern NJ/NYC metro markets.

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